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"As a spiritual medium and healer, Brenda offered me the gift of profound healing of ancestral ties and existing contracts.  I met her at a time that I deeply needed spiritual guidance and support, and there was a natural ease in opening up with her.  I have felt for a long time estranged from my own ancestral lineages and that I was carrying some difficult energy that was not my own.  The resonance is still with me weeks later and I feel lighter.  With her help we were able to let go of what doesn’t serve me or my lineage. It was powerful work!"

Toltec Energy Healing

Session 1

· 1.5 to 2 hour session— Energetic contract with Universe/Earth for 2 items you wish to release, and 2 items you wish to call in. Energetic clearing of specific ancestral and parental negative patterns from your blood and energetic body. Clearing of specific negative energies in your aura, and placement of positive energies in your aura for the things you wish to create in your life. Psychic surgery for energies you have accepted from others that have impacted you.

Session 2

· 1.5 to 2 hour session— Clearing and alignment of Totonalcayos (Toltec practices similar to chakra and kundalini alignment). 8 Bands of Power to cancel old agreement/create new agreement with the Universe/Mother Earth, destroy persistent and resistant pattern/negative imprint that remains after integration from first session clearing. Closing present cycle with the Universe, integrating learnings, and opening new cycle with obsidian mirror. Aligning universal and material energies and objects surrounding us to our new cycle and path once energy work has been completed.

Rose Limpia and Healing Ceremony

A traditional limpia healing session is typically between 1.5 to 2 hours, and includes:

  • birth chart information in Maya tzolkin calendar (used for understanding purpose, character, destiny based on day you were born)

  • working with sacred plants to release negative/stagnant energy and trauma, and to bring in positive energies

  • harmonization and healing with roses ceremony (for healing both personal and ancestral trauma, and calling our spirit home)

  • working with plants in cord cutting (for taking back our power from past relationships and experiences)

  • platica: heart-centered listening and spiritual advisement

Home/Space Limpia and Cleansing Ceremony

Our indoor homes and spaces are our family sanctuaries and gathering places. These spaces carry their own energies and vibrations which may be due to the land it resides on, prior residents who lived there, spirits associated with that place, or people who have visited you recently and left their energy imprints behind. 

 If you are moving into a new home or office, or are feeling difficult or challenging energies in your home, we can design a blessing ceremony to cleanse the energies present there, and set intentions for the positive energy you wish to create there.

Regular spiritual cleansings of homes are also important to create a positive home environment, remove physical and emotional clutter, and to remove negative and unwanted vibrations.

A home cleansing ceremony is typically between 1.5 to 2 hours, and includes:

  • opening altar and circle ceremony with those in the home

  • intention setting for energies you wish to release from your home, and intentions you are calling in together

  • working with sacred plants, salt, roses, and sound healing to move negative/stagnant energy in the home, and to bring in positive energies

  • training in energetic practices to maintain good energy in your home

  • platica: heart-centered listening and spiritual advisement

Rites of Passage Community Ceremony

In both ancient and modern times, the passage from childhood to womanhood and the beginning of a young woman's moon cycle has often been celebrated in a circle of women. Marking this transition offers the opportunity for elder women to honor, provide counsel and share about the joys, power, and responsibility of stepping into womanhood. 

A typical ceremony involves women and girls connected to the young woman, setting a sacred feminine altar, a blessing circle, other activities, and a meal together. The ceremony is discussed and designed in advance to appropriately reflect the circle you are bringing together to celebrate.

Elder Ceremonies are also an opportunity to celebrate and honor adults in our lives, their leadership, the many gifts they have given to family and community, and to mark their transition into a time of elder leadership and teaching or transition out of prior work into the next phase of their community service.


The union of two lives and two families is a sacred and beautiful rite of passage, and I am certified by American Marriage Ministries to officiate weddings in the State of California.

As Officiant I am responsible for the following:

  • Prior to Ceremony: meeting with you in person or by skype

  • Additional email and phone consultation to craft and co-create the ceremony so it reflects you both

  • Facilitating the ceremony walk through during the wedding rehearsal

  • Day of Wedding: performing your ceremony, issuing your vows, working with witnesses and signing your marriage license. 

  • After the Wedding:  recording (delivering) the completed marriage license as is required by law in California.

My commitment to you is to set the right tone for your wedding ceremony, and to seek to align this with what both of you are looking for in your ceremony and vow exchange, based on the input you provide. I strive to create services that reflect and honor the values and dreams of both members of the couple.​

brenda salgado rose ceremony BY JEN ALVA

Harmonization & Healing with Roses Workshop

toltec goddess moon calendar.jpg

Toltec Energy Healing

Standing in Our Power Women of  Color Transformational Leadership Retreat

Teacher Grandmother Amalia
from Xochimilco Mexico

WisdomWomen Visionary Gathering Costa Rica

Young Woman's Coming of Age Ceremony

Photo: Samsarah Morgan

Wedding, Point Reyes Station

Photo:  Kostís Hatzitaskos

Wedding, Brazilian Room, Berkeley

I am available for a brief phone consultation (15 minutes) free of charge to answer any questions you may have about services offered. Please use the Contact page for inquiries.

Due to busy schedule, all phone consultations and healings sessions must be scheduled in advance.

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