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Healing and Ceremony

  • Energetic, Personal and Ancestral Healing

  • Harmonization and Healing with Roses Ceremony

  • Home and Space Blessing Ceremony (energetic cleansing)

  • Toltec Energy Healing

  • Workshops and Trainings

WHAT PEOPLE SAY Healing Services

"I feel so much lighter, freer, more hopeful. I was not aware how much heaviness I was carrying until after our session and the rose healing. I will definitely be sharing your information with friends and family."

"This limpia ceremony changed my life. I have been involved in many personal development processes and done a lot of personal healing work, and I can say that this is one of the things that has the most profound impact on my healing.
I highly recommend working with Brenda.”


"Brenda, the healing was amazing for me. My fear is gone. I feel like the trauma that was living in me from past family members left my body and memory. I also wanted to tell you that I am inspired to look into African indigenous
healing of my ancestors. Thank you!"

"I wanted to thank you SO much again for the limpia and for the wonderful talk we had last week. So many profound changes have been happening lately, all related to self-love and self-respect, and me stepping into my power
and being focused and present and authentic"

— Healing Session Particpants

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