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Your generosity and reciprocity helps me to be in sacred service to spirit, ancestors, the land freely. And to purchase healing materials, practice healthy self care, and make offerings in community.

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Nepantla Consulting
San Leandro, CA

Client Testimonials

​“We invited Brenda to lead a diversity training with over 30 youth in Del Norte County. She provided a strong values-based approach to diversity and led activities that allowed each young person to tap into their own strengths and understand the greatness of all of us coming together to do community work."


"I am a Naropa professor and I was profoundly in every cell delighted that Brenda was invited to speak to us (2016 Commencement Speaker). I hope that we will find a way for you to return and be with us, as we long to be with you. However I can support the unfolding and ground of your return, I shall."

"Brenda's workshops brought together over 100 young people from all over the state from different avenues of life, and created a safe space where they could understand their past, and begin to heal for a better future. After every activity there was passionate dialogue around what everyone was feeling and learning."

“Brenda engaged in powerful dialogue with me about my life. She gifted me with the strength and light to understand the value of self-love and self-work. This guidance helped me understand my own power and womanhood, and allowed me to spiritually grow and navigate through pain and love in my life.”​

"Attending Moons Rising Women’s Circle for the past three years has transformed my life on a spiritual, emotional and psychic level. I have experienced ancient rituals, traditional medicines, and formed a bond of sisterhood with women from all walks of life. The support I have received from other women and the universe has allowed me to grow in my love for myself, my life and the world. I am without a doubt a happier, more fulfilled person.”

"Spiritually transformative day. I laid prostrate and wept for my ancestors, the history and trauma in this country. I wept for the cultures whose suffering caused our suffering. I wept for the healing
between lineages. I released resentments and deepened a reservoir of compassion. I committed to a spiritual journey of healing. If I am to heal my own cycles I must go back and seek to heal my peoples."
Ancestor Honoring and Healing Ceremony participant

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