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Women's Circles

Moons Rising Women's Circle

Moons Rising is facilitated by a beautiful circle of women, in partnership and love. In our busy lives, it's often challenging to find the time to honor ourselves as women and be present with one another in nourishing and supportive ways. Gifting yourself this time and space allows you to come into balance and to be witness to the power, wisdom and healing capacity inherent in women. Moons Rising meets every Full Moon. Currently our Moons Rising Circle is at capacity and new members are added by invitation only by existing members. 

Women's Circle Offerings
Brenda is available to facilitate circle for you and a group of women in your life, whether it is for a special occasion, for family members, co-workers, or spiritual community. We can plan activities and ceremonies about restorative body and spirit practices, sacred crafts, mindfulness and meditation, journal exercises, learning about herbs and traditional medicine for women's wellness, teachings about the Sacred Feminine, and create practices for receive support and love from the women in your community.


Throughout history, women have gathered in Red Tents & Moon Lodges to share story, honor their sacredness, release grief & pain, pass on feminine wisdom, and remember the incredible power we are meant to hold on behalf of our families &communities. I am happy to help you create a space with the women in your life where you can all give & receive, laugh & play, breathe & release, and go with the flow!


PLEASE CONTACT ME if you are interested in exploring and creating a Women's Circle Event or Retreat with the special women in your life.

Upcoming Women's Retreat

Spirit Renewal Retreat 2018
Unleashing the Goddess Within
Four Spriongs Resort, Middletown, CA

May 4-6, 2018
Through a combination of ritual, art, creativity, movement, and inspiration from our own inner Goddesses and archetypes, we will explore our soul’s deep wisdom and delight in the unleashing of stagnant or forgotten dreams and desires to connect with our divine feminine and revel in our power once more.

WisdomWomen Nicaragua Visionary Gathering
“An Exploration of Healing and Re-union”
Rancho Sexto Sol, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

May 26 – June 1, 2018
n this gathering women are invited to join indigenous women of Central America. Together we will re-unite as sisters, healers, and stewards of Mother Earth, to reconnect, heal, and vision a new world.

Art: Annelie Solis

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