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Brenda Salgado has worked in organizational development, strategy, team building, alliance and movement building, curriculum and program development, and transformative leadership for over 17 years. She enjoys supporting individual leaders and teams to co-create mindful, strategic and collaborative environments that allow them to move in purposeful, productive and aligned ways toward their vision and values. Organizational Services Informational Document

Organizational Services

Group Culture and Process

Building a learning culture that is inspiring, multicultural, and collaborative is crucial to an organization’s continued success. We can help you track, assess and celebrate where the group is strong, as well as where there is a current need change in order to fully embody the vision and values you are striving for. We can facilitate one-on-one interviews, mapping and analysis of findings, group circles, and help you mindfully design programs, plans and processes to live into the culture and vision you are striving to create together

Strategic Planning

We can help your team to develop strategy and long term planning that helps you to understand where your organization has been, is currently, and where you want to go next. We will guide strategic planning assessments and lead facilitated sessions to outline, articulate and plan for your future success.

Coaching for Leaders 

Mindful, transformative, and servant leadership is vital to leading a thriving and successful team in the 21st century, yet the models for leadership we have learned and experienced are not working in this current context or moment.  As you courageously commit to changing culture and unleashing the capacity of yourself and your team, it can be useful to have a confidential, supportive coaching space to mindfully reflect on how you are adapting, modeling, and supporting the changes you are bringing to your organization as a 21st century leader.


Team Building and Capacity Building Trainings

We support organizations by providing support for staff retreats, workshops, and capacity building.  From Team Building Retreats, Facilitation Skills, Transformative Leadership Development Programs, Diversity Trainings, to Health and Wellness seminars, we can design custom programs uniquely suited to meet your needs.  Providing ongoing professional development can help unleash the Initiative and expertise in your team that takes your game to a whole new level, and provides incentive for your most valuable team members to stay invested in your organization long-term.

Restorative Circles and Circle Ceremonies

Misunderstandings, communication breakdowns, and conflicts are a natural occurrence in life that we have all faced. Restorative circles provide a safe, facilitated process for groups to respond to challenges and conflicts in a healthy and constructive way, and to see crisis as a possibility for deepening mutual understanding, accountability, and collective learning together. Circle Ceremonies can also be a powerful way to honor or celebrate new and departing employees and leaders, and manage transitions in a healthy and constructive way for your team.

Keynote Speeches

Looking for an inspirational commencement speaker or keynote talk for your next meeting? Want to create a dynamic panel for your upcoming conference? Brenda is available to offer a keynote or panel presentation on a variety of topics such as mindful leadership, storytelling for the future, spiritual leadership, indigenous and traditional wisdom for our times, transformative leadership and social change, and more. Book in advance to assure availability for your event date.

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