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Individual and Group Coaching

Personal Coaching

Are you facing changes in your life, and need support to navigate transitions with  less fear and resistance, and more clarity and creativity? Are you feeling stuck in your career, relationship, or desiring to meet some goals and grow physically or spiritually? Personal coaching can help you re-find your compass, values, strengths and priorities, and align your choices and your environment  so you can pursue a satisfying and inspiring life that you love. 


Group Coaching

Do you want the benefits of life coaching but prefer to work in small groups rather than one-on-one? In small group life coaching you will hear others being coached, receive individual coaching yourself, and support each other on pursuing your goals and a life you love. You can join an existing circle, or bring group coaching to your workplace, family, or circle of friends.

Circle Work

Circles have been used by indigenous communities throughout history to maintain respectful relationships, work through challenges, and celebrate important transitions. Circle process brings together families, co-workers, or community members who wish to engage in celebration, decision making, mutual support, healing, resolving conflict, restoring communication, or to navigate difficult but necessary conversations.

Coaching sessions are often scheduled 1 or 2 times per month, and can be adapted to suit your individual needs. Circle work sessions will depend on your situation and needs as well. Schedule a free consultation (up to 30 minutes) to see if Nepantla coaching or circle work would be a good fit for you.

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