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Ceremonies and Rites of Passage

Baby Blessings

Welcoming a new baby into the family and community is a gift and honor. I can work with your family to design a sacred ceremony customized to your family needs and traditions, that will invite your community to honor the new one's place in the circle.

Coming of Age Ceremony

In both ancient and modern times, the passage from childhood to womanhood and the beginning of a young woman's moon cycle has often been celebrated in a circle of women. Marking this transition offers the opportunity for elder women to honor, provide counsel and share about the joys, power, and responsibility of womanhood.


The union of two lives and two families is a sacred and beautiful rite of passage, and I am certified by American Marriage Ministries to officiate weddings in the State of California. We will need to meet in person to make sure it is a good fit for you both, and to discuss your vision for your ceremony. I strive to create services that reflect and honor the values and dreams of both members of the couple.​
Wedding Officiation Agreement and Information on Other Services

Elder and Ancestor Honoring Ceremonies

From traditions around the world, the important role of elders and ancestors has long been revered. Unfortunately, in these modern times elders are often relegated to the sidelines and are not honored for the wisdom and experience they carry and are meant to transmit to the future generations. I will work with you to develop a ceremony to celebrate the elders and ancestors you wish to honor in your life.


House or Place Blessings/Limpias

Our homes and workspaces are the places we spend most of our lives; they carry their own energy and impact on our lives. If you are moving into a new home or office, we can design a blessing ceremony to cleanse the energies present there, and set intentions for the positive energy you wish to create there.

Young Woman's Coming of Age Ceremony / Red Party

Photo: Samsarah Morgan

Wedding, Point Reyes Station

Photo:  Kostís Hatzitaskos

Wedding, Brazilian Room, East Bay Regional Parks

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